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ARM Sign & Lighting is a Southwest Michigan based Commercial sign company servicing Michigan, Northern Indiana, Northwest Ohio, and Northwest Illinois.




The company was started in late 2015 by my brother Andy. He came to me with his idea of starting his own company and asked me to design his company logo and website. I had a tight deadline to finish both projects because he wanted to start getting the company name out there and start doing business. My first step was to design his logo. ARM stands for Andy, Rylee, Mia; him and his 2 daughters. My concept I had for the logo was to make it look like a sign using the letters ARM as the shape. I then connected the "A" and the "M" in a box-shape putting the "Sign & Lighting" inside the box. The font I chose (slightly modified) reminds me of neon lighting and lighting tubes. Once the logo was designed, I started working on a website template. As with all my websites, using my signature template of a scrolling website, I did a single-page informative site which highlights for customers/clients what ARM offers. I also designed stationary materials including business cards and letterhead.

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