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For the last 23 years, South Haven HarborFest, located in South Haven, Michigan along Lake Michigan, has provided a weekend of entertainment for everyone who visits. It's a celebration of Southwest Michigan's  unique maritime history. Each year, there is a t-shirt logo contest. Anyone can enter the competition, and the winning design gets printed on t-shirts, and is also used to promote HarborFest.




I've submitted logo designs in 2013, 2014, and 2015. The theme to abide by each year is to focus on what HarborFest is all about; it's a celebration of the maritime history of Southwest Michigan. Therefore, the design(s) need to reflect that history and represent what South Haven HarborFest is all about. Each year I believe that I progressively submitted stronger and stronger designs. The final design that I entered in 2015 ended up coming in first place; and it's my last and final submission into this competition. It sums-up a new concept, while reflecting on all the past designs that i've entered into this competition.

2015 HarborFest Design



For HarborFest 2015, my concept was to create a design that would direct people to HarborFest by using a compass and the coordinates of South Haven, Michigan. I wanted to go in a different direction conceptually and create an intricate design while still celebrating the maritime history with the South Haven lighthouse, dragonboat racing, and music.

2014 HarborFest Design



For HarborFest 2014 design I wanted to celebrate what HarborFest is all about; DragonBoat Racing, Music, South Haven Landmarks (Lighthouse),

Sunshine and Night Life. I wanted to incorporate all these elements into a simple, fun piece of artwork. For the white shirts, it's to reflect HarborFest during the day-time with white clouds and white stars. The opposite effect is given on the black shirts which reflect HarborFest during the nighttime. The black clouds and black stars give the design an illuminated effect against a sufficiently dark and lite up sky.

2013 HarborFest Design



For HarborFest 2013 design (which was the first year I entered in the contest) my design didn't place. The main reason was because it didn't represent HarborFest enough. I suppose I didn't read the directions close enough in the beginning. I told myself that the following year when I enter the contest that I would be sure it incorporate more elements of what HarborFest is all about.

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