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The Paw Paw Brewing Company in Paw Paw, Michigan had a concept to create a beer dedicated to my grandfather Charlie Maxwell. My grandfather is a local legend is Paw Paw. He  played Major League Baseball from 1950-1964. The teams he played for were the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, and Chicago White Sox. His peak years in baseball were with the Detroit Tigers where he made a habit of hitting home runs on Sundays; hence his nickname the "Sunday Slugger". He had many other nicknames throughout his career such as "Paw Paw", "Ol' Paw Paw", "Sunday Charlie", "Smokey", and the "Sabbath Smasher". The Paw Paw Brewing Company came up with the name "Mr. Sunday" to name the beer. As it would be a full-flavored, light beer that you would drink on a Sunday afternoon.




When I was asked to do the label design for this beer, I new 5 seconds later exactly what I wanted the label to look like. First though, I wanted to design the "Mr. Sunday" logo. For the logo concept, I wanted it to have a very classic, trendy baseball look. I used a brush script font for the name "Mr. Sunday" and used a "baseball tail". I wanted the logo to be very personalized towards my grandfather, so I took an image of him swinging a bat and created a vectorized version to incorporate in the logo. I then wanted to use a "baseball" behind  and his name "Charlie "Paw Paw" Maxwell" circling the ball. The overall concept for the label design was to simply reflect my grandfather. What better way to accomplish that than by using historical memorabilia imagery to use. I wanted to create a collage of a few images to use as a sort of backdrop to the label. For the backside of the label I wanted to have his career statistics and career highlights.

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